onaQ - RIP (28-05-2013)

This is the last picture of my project onaQ played on OUYA. It was a great test to see what's possible with SVG, and in my opinion, it was a very successful experiment for upcoming projects. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to finish the game, but I promise I will release an open Beta link for everyone very soon. I want to thank all the people who have registered at onaQ and helped me find bugs, especially my brother Robin and my girlfriend Denise.

I'm also glad to announce, that I'm already working on my next web based game. This will not become only a test; this is a real game and will be published on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. And maybe later on Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. It's a cooperation with Moody Design and will become a Point and Click Adventure. We'll create a blog very soon.

Thanks again for reading this blog, and stay tuned for more about my new project! Cheers, Tobi.

Finding the right colors (25-04-2013)

Because onaQ is so minimalist, it's very important to choose the right colors. I plan to start the game during the sunset and continue with a starry night. The sky, the mountains and the clouds will change their colors regularly to create a dreamy atmosphere.

onaQ 0.3.0 is now playable for all Alpha testers and includes tips, new foreground and background layers, zoom animations, moving shadows and 6 levels.

Mobile devices and more (09-04-2013)

In the last few weeks, I've added some new features. I think the most important upgrade is buttons for mobile devices. It's quite buggy at the moment, but that's ok. To test it in full screen mode, open the website with Safari on iOS, touch the share button and press 'Add to Home Screen'.

In addition, I've added wall shadows, a live level loader for better performance and buttons for different mechanisms. Another important new feature is save points. You are now able to restart your browser and continue wherever you've left. If you want to see more about that, log in to your Alpha account and check out version 0.1.16.

Playing with particles (25-03-2013)

Today, I've released onaQ Alpha in version 0.1.11 that includes the first particles test. Because of the SVG based core, it's possible to add up to 1200 particles at 60 FPS (2GB DDR RAM). I think that's fine for this game. I'm very curious how it looks like with the new background. The idea is to create a starry sky in time-lapse with some shooting stars and different auroras. More about that, very soon.

onaQ music by Can Özgünsür (20-03-2013)

I'm very pleased to announce that Can Özgünsür is composing the theme music to onaQ. Can is a highly talented musician, has a lot of experience in game music design which is why I feel he really is the right person for this job. I can't wait to show you his songs.

Sign up to the Alpha (18-03-2013)

You are now able to sign up to the Alpha. The first accounts will be handed out very soon. Please understand that I only release a few accounts in the first weeks. The game is far from finished, so it's just for bug fixers and not gamers. Thank you for your interest.

Playing the Alpha (16-03-2013)

The game isn't really fun at the moment, but it feels great with an Xbox 360 controller in 1080p on TV. I hope, that I can hand out the first Alpha accounts next week.

Create a simple world (13-03-2013)

Now that I have chosen all the frameworks, I was able to finally start yesterday. First step was the world generation. Point of departure is a JSON file. That's practical, because this way I can build a big level without spending a lot of time. Subsequently, the JavaScript converts the JSON object to SVG tags to the screen.

In addition, yesterday, I started with the physics. Here, I'll completely abandon physic engines like Box2D and going to code everything by myself based on an idea I had. I'll tell you more about that later.

Let's code (12-03-2013)

All research is done, so now it's time to code. I opted for make the game completely vector based by working with SVG tags. I also decided to delete all the Raphaël and Backbone stuff. Both frameworks are great, but not suitable for this project. At the moment I'm using jQuery exclusively.

Find the right framework (11-03-2013)

Yesterday, I've played a lot with different frameworks for the graphic engine. It's very hard to find the right one out of hundreds and each one has its pros and cons. I was greatly impressed by the performance and possibilities of the vector based framework Raphaël. Today I'll create a small test to check if it's the right one for me. In addition, I'm thinking about deleting the Backbone part. Backbone is a great MV* and perfect for huge web applications, but it doesn't support SVG directly. There are good approaches for the support, but the performance level isn't good enough for my use. I'll tell you later about my decision.

I also thought about using Three.js. It's a framework for WebGL and it's really fun, especially the camera part. I've created a tiny test but realized that this isn't the appropriate style for that what I want. I'd like to have some 3D-effects in the game, but the core should stay 2D.

Sorry for this technical post, but there are things you need to think about before you get started. If you wanna stay tuned, please subscribe to my new RSS feed or follow me on Google+.

Just started (09-03-2013)

Hi and welcome to the blog about my new game onaQ. I'll write some news about the development progress and post a few pictures. The game will only be playable on modern browsers that support HTML5 like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer 9. Come back soon to see the first results.